Christophe Tollemer stands for fresh, sensitive, detail-oriented design that puts the light, colour and life into living spaces. His aim is to bring people together, blending shapes and eras with customer tastes and artisan craftsmanship in a unified housescape. Interior and exterior architecture, decoration and landscaping all fall within the realm of Christophe Tollemer's talents. Research is a particular passion for the far-thinking designer, who incorporates many different cultures into his designs. From brief to fieldwork, perspective to elevation, intuition is his guiding light.


Christophe Tollemer heads a team with a rich palette of strengths buttressing each project. From analysis and preparation to the smallest finishing details, nothing is overlooked for a flawless outcome. Budget analysis, tendering and contractor guidance, scheduling and handover all require specialist skills. Christophe Tollemer views his clients as partners in the design process. He eschews convention and innovates to meet non-standard layouts. Emphasizing trust, Tollemer keeps an eye out for opportunities to take the initiative. His mission reaches beyond interior architecture to include furnishing with exceptional pieces or redesigning exteriors around a given idea.


Christophe Tollemer studies each space and environment with the eye of a planner, artist, jeweler or landscaper. The approach is both holistic and detail-oriented. Aesthetic perfectly meets function. Design is preceded by a painstaking analysis of use, potential, traffic and volumes. Particular attention is given to colour, proportion and detail. Pieces and furnishings are carefully chosen to match their setting. Nothing is left to chance. The challenge and goal remain the same: to create a custom space reflecting the individual or individuals who will occupy it.


All clients have their story, their way of thinking, the finer points of their existence. Gaining insight on these, Tollemer forms the close working relationship needed to bring plans to life. Culture and sensitivity enhance technical know-how to generate ideas, anticipated challenges, produce detailed plans and monitor completion.


For two Orient aficionados, Christophe Tollemer designed this pair of gold-embroidered leather cabinets reminiscent of travel trunks. The custom pieces feature the Imperial symbol, chrysanthemums, and house a porcelain dining set. From the outset they were designed to take pride of place in a dining area.


From antique shops to art galleries, from select off-the-shelf options to custom creations, a wide range of solutions is offered. The crux is to sketch the essence of a place as reflected by its occupants. Further reflection then helps refine choices. Christophe Tollemer prefers not to be given carte blanche. Rather, in-depth dialogue with clients is what makes the difference on every project. Instead of defining his art as “interior design”, Tollemer prefers the term “interior exploration”… a pursuit of genuine togetherness.