Chalet Ecosse


This was Christophe Tollemer’s first chalet, the beginning of a long, beautiful love story.

Intended to welcome large families, this palace of the peaks is opulent, yet also convivial and comfortable.

The owners wanted a contemporary interior within the traditional exterior.

The chalet was finished in record time and embodies all the Courchevel charm. Nestled effortlessly in the snow, its traditional silhouette instantly conjures up the essence of mountain life.

Inside, Tollemer’s eminently contemporary design skillfully contrasts old and new.

The furniture is of the choicest craftsmanship, astutely arranged to highlight each room’s unique universe. Just past the entrance, we are spellbound by a pair of cabinets in fuchsia shagreen. In this chalet, colours do more than harmonize. They also tell a story. The key is the large Scottish thistle on the custom-designed hearth rug, echoing the chalet’s name in French. The stunning wall portrait of a Middle Eastern man reminds us that this beautiful tale has been woven with a variety of influences.

As is always the case for Christophe Tollemer, graciousness finds meaning insofar as it underpins real life. From the immense extended table to the children’s lofts and cinema, everything has been thought out so that the many guests entertained at the chalet will enjoy a rich stay.

Final Achievement