Haussman apartment


Family sagas and travel tales told by a late 19th century Haussman apartment.

Within walking distance of Monceau Park, this private apartment is a place of homecoming and the celebration of friendship. Designed to make every room a living memory, the project is based on authenticity and the simple enjoyment of indoor comforts.

A home is a nest of stories and symbols whose walls are witness to the building of a family legacy. The objects placed in the apartment each fulfill a specific purpose, such as a 16th century antique suit of armor to provide a sense of protection rather than a Miro or a Calder which would have invoked dreams and passions.

The walls of the winter garden are strewn with various collections of butterflies and 18th and 20th century furniture, spanning eras and continents. These are just some of the many testimonials to travel to be found in the apartment.

The juxtaposition of styles, textures and materials proclaims a resolutely Parisian taste.


Final Achievement