Henry jacques

Haute Parfumerie Vivante

For nearly half a century, Henry Jacques has been crafting some of the most beautiful fragrance one can find.

Beyond mere decoration, Christophe Tollemer, the Maison’s artistic director, tailors spaces where the enchantment of perfumes can fully come into existence.

Located in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Doha, Hong-Kong, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the boutiques all tell their unique story but it is through their common philosophy that they truly shine. They echo the glorious standards of historic Parisian apartments, never once denying grandeurs of the past and bestowing rightness and candour to modern charms.

The boutiques were conceived and assembled in France, shipped and then reassembled on site by the agencies’ team. This long process, an exploit in itself, guarantees an uncompromised French craftsmanship, everywhere in the world.

Alike the Henry Jacques perfumes, each component is of rare quality.

Structures, made of old solid oak, come to life through traditional methods to ensure the perfection of the assembly. Mouldings are sculpted by hands in basswood and finished with gildings. ceilings are covered with Régence gold leaf. They are, along with the patina, the work of a French master painter, Mr. Louis-Daniel Jouve.
With elegance and delicacy, the inner, more intimate space, woods are softened with premium fabrics from Holland & Sherry. Flennel-clad walls and hemp flooring surrounds the perfume organ, the beating heart of Henry Jacques.

While the perfume organ takes a central place, the collections themselves are hidden from sight, waiting to be discovered.

The furnishing is a seamless blend of personal creations, contemporary designs and treasured antiques imbued with history and fond memories, a style synonymous with all of Tollemer’s work.
From abstract art to windows filled with childhood dreams, each contrasting detail shows a perfect balance between distant worlds. It would be unthinkable to try portraying the Henry Jacques legacy without this richness, this secret harmony of genres and eras.

Final Achievement